Finding the Right Hotel Interior Designer for You

The main thing that any hotel should have is the ability to transport you the moment you step into the lobby, whether it’s a grandiose business hotel with crystal chandeliers and vintage furniture, or a rustic, simple B&B that’s designed to simulate country living. Of course, the key to is this finding the right hospitality design company that will suit your preferences, your vision, and most importantly, your budget.

Whether you’re looking for the top hospitality design firms in Los Angeles, New York, or Hawaii, there are five qualities that you should look for in an interior designer:

  • Creativity – every good interior designer must have an innate sense of creativity when it comes to choosing colors, fabrics, furniture, and other elements of your interior design. They must be able to create a final design that incorporates all these elements into something that brings a client’s vision to life. They should have enough market knowledge to know whether to agree with their client, or guide them towards better suggestions that would benefit their client more in the long-run.


  • Visualization – aside from being able to choose the right elements towards creating your envisioned interior design, a good interior designer must be able ensure that all these elements come together harmoniously in terms of your available space and budget. Your chosen interior designer should be able to take the available space and maximize it according to the furniture you’ve chosen, as well as make sure that your colors don’t clash with each other.
  • Problem-Solving Skills – An interior designer will have a team, so problem-solving skills is essential in making sure that the team works together seamlessly. They should also be able to find ways around any problems that they would most likely encounter, such as budget constraints.
  • Experience – Find an interior designer who has experience working in the same or similar projects to yours. Having experience in similar projects means that they would know what to do in case any problems come up, and it also means that they might be able to suggest better options during your designing process.
  • Interpersonal Skills – Considering that you might be working with this person for a significant amount of time, so you’ll want to find an interior designer with whom you are comfortable with. You’ll also want an interior designer who has good communication skills, so that any issues during the designing process can be dealt with as soon and as smoothly as possible.


Here’s a secret: the top interior designers will never be swayed by the latest trends or styles in designing, because they’ve been in the business long enough to know that most of them are fads that go out of style quickly. Once you hear, “This is the latest and most popular trend”, you may want to go to another designer!

A top interior designer who has both the experience and creavity that you’re looking for knows that the key to finding the right interior design to any hotel is dependent on the architecture and structure of the building, and the vision of the owner. Being able to put emphasis on the quality of the office furniture, the ambient lightning, and the uniqueness of the overall design is what will make a great interior designer stand out from all the rest.